Final reports of the advanced Olympic research grant programme : 2014-2015 edition

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Le Centre d'Études Olympiques (Lausanne)

This document compiles the final reports written by the recipients of the Advanced Olympic research grant programme. The academic reports cover a large number of topics such as the legacy of the Olympic Games and the Youth Olympic Games, the Olympic values, sport development, peace-building through sports, youth and education, volunteering and supporting elite athletes.

Vol. 1 (2014-2015 ed.) : Governing to maintain legacies : urban governance, policies, and the long-term impacts of the Olympics / Mark Davidson.- Leveraging the Olympic Games for capacity building of the UK and Russian national sport governing bodies / Vassil Girginov, Nikolai Peshin.- Olympic Movement stakeholder collaboration for delivering on sport development in eight African (SADC) countries / Cora Burnett.- Olympic values nowadays / Holger Preuss, Norbert Schütte, Lamartine DaCosta ; main academic partner Jörg Königstorfer.- The legacies of the Innsbruck 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games as perceived by the local youth / Martin Schnitzer.- The role of the entourage in supporting elite athlete performance and educational outcomes / Camilla J. Knight & Chris G. Harwood.

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